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The Justin Mudekereza Foundation

In 2004, a group of men and women in the district who appreciated Justin’s efforts in assisting widows, orphans and other victims of repeated wars met in Bukavu and decided to create an organization that they named “Amis de Justin Mudekereza pour le Développement, AJMD” meaning Friends of Justin Mudekereza for Development.

This organization struggled to get its recognition by officials but did not succeed due to high charges but remained very supportive to the charitable actions of Mr. Justin Mudekereza and other many local organizations.

In 2012, a group of local organizations and individuals, including members of AJMD decided to create the Justin Mudekereza Foundation (JMF) which is now a registered

About The Foundation

Sponsor A child

Sponsor a child today by paying for his or her education in schools within our community.

Spread the Word

Let other people know about our foundation and what we believe in.

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Join us in efforts towards helping the community and extending basic needs.

Our Programs

Poverty Alleviation

We aim at improving the quality of life for those people currently living in poverty in our community through income generating projects.


A healthy environment is necessary for human and animal life to survive. Drinkable water, breathable air, and edible food are necessary for life to continue.

Human Rights

Our efforts and resources are geared towards enforcing the protection of human rights in our community.

Women Issues

We address issues of Gender Discrimination, Domestic Violence and being treated equally in the community.

About Justin Medekereza

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