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Main Organization Objectives

Contribute to the reduction of human suffering by promoting the integral development of communities through a diversity activities put "mankind" at the center of his/her development.

Specific Organization Objectives

All our efforts and resources are geared towards achieving the following objectives;

1. Promoting peace building by publicizing messages of peace and love to prevent the sectarian, ethnic conflict and other types of conflicts that may hinder local development;

2. Promote the education of children, including orphans, destitute children and vulnerable without discrimination of gender and age;

3. To promote peaceful conflicts resolution;

4. To promote gender equality and human values;

5. Fight against poverty in households and encourage agricultural initiatives of farmers;

6. Create vocational centers for idle women, young girls and young boys training and adult literacy;

7. Promoting sexual and reproductive health, maternal and infantile mortality;

8. Promoting human rights including the rights of women and children;

9. To fight against the spread of HIV / AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs);

10. Providing humanitarian aid to refugees and internally displaced persons in time of war or natural disaster.

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